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Hi, I'm Haden

I'm a 20-something software developer living in Colorado, having just attained my degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. In my spare time, I frequent coffee shops, movie theaters, and bookstores, and I enjoy teaching others about technology.

My focus is on building software that people love to use, whether it inspires creativity or just helps get the job done. I've been writing code since I was 13, and now I'm turning my passion into a career.


Things I think are awesome

  • Alternative Music
  • Roleplaying Games
  • Making Terrible Puns


Things I'd rather live without

  • Sticky Keyboards
  • Bees
  • Comic Sans


They'll be on the quiz

  • I'm a big fan of The Legend of Zelda
  • I love birds and reptiles
  • One day I'd like to travel the world


My fascination with computers began when I was 8 years old. What started as editing my home videos and learning Microsoft PowerPoint evolved into building computer games and writing code. After teaching myself how to write Java, I entered the Minecraft modding scene for several years. I eventually got my college degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration, and I now work as a full-time software developer.


What does your username mean? "Voe" is the Gerudo word for "man" in the Legend of Zelda series. I can also be a bit cynical, even if for comedic effect.