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My name is Haden, better known across the Internet as Cynicalvoe (prev. FireBreath15). I am currently an undergraduate university student studying Computer Information Systems and Business Administration in Colorado, USA. Throughout my college career, I have attained a number of Microsoft certifications and real-world experience in the IT industry, coupled with the basic knowledge of how to run a values-aligned business.

My interest in the IT field began when I was 8 years old, and it quickly evolved from editing home videos to creating computer games and writing code. I sold my first program to a friend when I was 13, and in High School I developed a time-management application for a few of my friends. Beginning in 2012, I started developing Minecraft server mods after teaching myself Java. Some of my favorite Minecraft projects can be found on the Portfolio page for more information.

Today, I still spend my time in the Minecraft community as a plugin developer and Support representative at CubedHost.com, a server hosting company. As an INTJ, I often spend my free time behind a keyboard, at the bookstore, or in the movie theater. When I'm not at my job or doing homework, I can also be found hanging out with Tinkerbell (she's my Raspberry Pi), or with friends.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! There's a lot more I couldn't fit onto this page, but maybe that's a good thing. If you'd like to learn more about myself, please feel free to visit my Contact page.

Rock music
Puzzle games
Making terrible puns
Sans-serif fonts
Manga & Anime
Receiving tax breaks
Mexican food
Building things
Random Facts
Huge fan of The Legend of Zelda
Most enjoy coding in Java
Fascinated by the element of Fire
Started college classes when I was 16
Enjoy studying foreign languages
Massive Perfectionist
One day I want to travel the world
These random facts make a wave pattern
Serif fonts
Social faux-pas
Cafeteria turkey
Repeating myself
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