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Hey there! My name is Haden, better known across the Internet as Cynicalvoe. I am a 20-something software developer working towards my undergraduate degrees in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. I have attained a number of Microsoft certifications in the software sphere, as well as real-world experience in the IT industry through server hosting, customer service, and agile development.

My interest in the IT field began when I was 8 years old, and it quickly evolved from editing home videos to creating computer games and writing code. I sold my first program to a friend when I was 13, and in High School I developed a time-management application for a few of my friends. Beginning in 2012, I started developing Minecraft server mods after teaching myself Java. Some of my favorite Minecraft projects can be found on the Portfolio page for more information.


Myers-Briggs: INTJ Enneagram: Type 3 Wing 4

Today, I work as an online tech support representative, and I plan to enter a career in software development when I graduate. When I'm not at my job, you can often find me playing tabletop games with friends, watching anime, or hanging out with Tinkerbell (she's my Raspberry Pi).


Alternative music

Puzzle games

Making terrible puns

Sans-serif fonts

Random Facts

Big fan of The Legend of Zelda

This site has Easter Eggs

Started college when I was 16

One day I'd like to travel the world



Sticky keyboards

Cafeteria turkey

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