Here are some of the projects I've worked on, as well as some experience I've gained in the development field.

Professional Credits

For a list of certifications I've acquired, please visit my Acclaim page for more information.



A lightweight file encryption program, using AES-256 and parallel processing.

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Experience: Internship

In summer 2018, I was given a software development internship at a major insurance company. During my time, I worked with several web technologies, such as ASP.NET and Angular.JS. I also gained exposure to Agile development strategies like SCRUM, and my team was responsible for making changes to applications in production.

Archived: iControlU

iControlU remains one of my most popular projects to date, boasting more than 350,000 global downloads. This Minecraft server plugin enabled players to control others' movements and chats in-game. The original version can be downloaded from BukkitDev, while a more recent version can be found on SpigotMC.

iControlU was archived on October 19, 2018. Due to a personal decrease in availability and interest in the project, updates are no longer guaranteed. Thank you to everyone who chose to support iControlU!