My Portfolio

Welcome to my Portfolio! Below are some of my favorite projects, both completed and still in-progress. See the panels below for more information!

iControlU Logo

Take control of your players. Literally!
Boasting more than 360,000 total downloads since release, iControlU is my most popular project. Taking control of other Minecraft players and using their own identities against them has never been easier! Override their chats, movements, inventory, commands, health, and more with just a few clicks. The latest version retails on Spigot and can be downloaded on this page. Older versions of the plugin can be found for free on Bukkit on this page.

Aperture Logo

Real-working cameras!
Aperture allows players to create real-working CCTV cameras in Minecraft. Unlike similar plugins, which simply teleport the player to the camera's location, Aperture displays the camera's footage to the player wherever they are. More than just streaming blocks, Aperture also displays mobs and players in the camera footage as well! Grab yourself a camera and check out Aperture!

The Grid Logo

A hacking RPG engine!
Everybody's connected. Everyone's vulnerable. The Grid is a Minecraft computer hacking simulator, where players can attack vulnerable systems. And each other. Harness the power of your laptop and the viruses you own, and gain XP as you grow your skills. The Grid is easy to configure, efficient to run, and powerful to use.Check it out for free on Spigot!

Nanobots Logo

Matter-eating nanobots!
Craft Nanoblocks - block-harvesting Gray Goo. These dastardly creations can devour specific blocks, generating iron ingots in the process. Now, you can have an unlimited supply of iron. The catch? These blocks can eat through just about everything in their place. One wrong move, and your iron farm will eat everything you own! Nanobots can be downloaded for free on Spigot here.

Ghostblocks Logo

Who ya gonna call?
GhostBlocks adds a unique twist to any Minecraft server: disappearing blocks! Simply craft a "Ghostdrop" and use it to transform any block in the game. Create secret entrances to your Factions base, or troll unsuspecting players! Disguise your chests as a block of dirt, or create a trap! The possibilities are limitless. Give it a look on Spigot!

Yotsuba Logo

Kira is coming!
Standing as the pinnacle of society is the Yotsuba Group from Tsugumi Ohba's series Death Note. Correlated closely to my plugin with a similar name, this fan-made website is a current work in progress. Aiming to be a realistic representation of the fictional company, is a collaboration project, and welcomes anyone's input.


I have experience in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / JSON, XML, YAML & jQuery, Python, Java, C#, SQL, and Swift, along with many other technologies such as Bash & Git. I am familiar with the Windows, macOS, and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian) operating systems, as well as a number of IDEs for each.

I enjoy building backend systems, however I'm currently working towards improving my front-end development skills as well. I have earned numerous IT certifications, which can be viewed on my Acclaim page. If you are an employer, or are curious to learn more about myself, I invite you to contact me!