Showcased here are some of my more recent projects, as well as some of my most popular. To view a longer list of my work, please feel free to stop by my GitHub page, or send me an email.

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Archived: iControlU

iControlU remains one of my most popular projects to date. Built for Minecraft servers, this server plugin enables players to control others' movements and chats in-game. Useful for punishing rule-breakers and hackers, and of course, trolling friends. The original version can be downloaded on BukkitDev, while a more recent version retails on SpigotMC.

iControlU was archived on October 19, 2018. Due to a personal decrease in availability and interest in the project, updates are no longer guaranteed. Thank you to everyone who decided to support iControlU!

Experience: Internship

In summer 2018, I was given a software development internship at a major insurance company. During my time, I worked with several web technologies, such as ASP.NET and Angular.JS. I also gained exposure to development strategies through SCRUM and LEAN, and my team was responsible for making changes to an application that was eventually put into production.

Other Projects

Bitscrambler Logo

Bitscrambler is a lightweight file encryption program that I originally developed for private use, but eventually put it up online for others to use as well. The C# project can encrypt multiple files in parallel, and uses the strong AES256 algorithm behind the scenes. You can view the source code or download a copy for yourself over at GitHub

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When asked to help write a Java solution to access our company's API, I came up with Polarbear. This wrapper application makes it simple to manage your game server with a straightforward library. Now, savvy server owners can write game mods that interface directly with their service to perform tasks without a control panel. Polarbear can be viewed on GitHub

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Although I am not the greatest web developer, this website was built from scratch using what I've learned throughout the years. I chose to avoid using advanced web technologies in order to maintain simplicity, but I also have some experience in these fields as well.




Operating Systems


As part of my coursework, I've attained a number of industry-recognized certifications. Those credits can be viewed on my Acclaim profile for more information:

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